Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship ALL SUCCESS!!

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! How are you? Well, as we were so nervous about the premiere of the special "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship" by Discovery Family Channel that has been broadcast today, let me tell you that..... ALL SUCCESS! He was very incredible about this nice special that we have been waiting for a long time for the promos that announce a few weeks ago, we upload it to the YouTube channel and so on. But hey, if you Bronies and Pegasisters that are professionals and of high level that have seen this special of Equestria Girls Congratulations! I hope you enjoyed this one-hour special of "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship" with Sunset Shimmer the main character and together with Trixie Lulamoon and the new villain who was present today of this special "Wallflower" (Confirmed) with "The Memory Stone" They deserve it friends! But hey, let's celebrate with this beautiful Saturday afternoon and without forgetting your friends. Well, without further ado Greetings and happy Saturday everypony!

Coming Soon "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship" in Latin Spanish! that you can confirm in Discovery Kids for your official promo on TV and with the dubbing actresses that you will be preparing.

And I forgot something! For all of you who lost the special Equestria Girls, I leave the link that appears here the video of the replay by "spazz" on Dailymotion Ok? It's your last chance to see it! Greetings to all! Brohoof!

Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship - Dailymotion

Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship - Stream Today! (Premiere)

Good Morning Bronies and Pegasisters! And now the moment you were waiting for, The wait is over! Today there is the premiere of the special "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship"! On Discovery Family Channel at 12:00/11:00c. And to be always active, you can see the streams that interest them on various platforms. This will be unforgettable and incredible! See you soon and happy Saturday everypony! Brohoof!

Brony Network

MoliminousTheater (YouTube):


All-new episode of MLP: Equestria Girls Digital Series! of "CYOA" - Driving Miss Shimmer

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Now everyone is waiting for the best series of Equestria Girls of all! A new episode of Equestria Girls: Digital Series and continuing with this stage of "Choose You Own Adventure" (CYOA). As you will see Sunset Shimmer fails the driving test and I do not know why friends, at least I did not know how to drive Or maybe not? Well, ask your friends, but choosing the ending, okay? Enjoy it friends and happy Friday everypony!

Oh! And I just reminded you that tomorrow the special "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship" will be released and you should be ready for tomorrow's premiere. Ok? and the live broadcasts of all the platforms are already ready, so already friends know. See you tomorrow! Brohoof!

Work Work and More Work!! on the University

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Good Morning! Sorry for this inconvenience! This is life friends. Flooded of Homeworks and projects that I am doing in my University to not miss and not be able to fail one more in the subjects that I have. This is what I am doing with effort! Okay? Well, without further ado, see you in the afternoon friends with a new episode of Equestria Girls: Digital Series on my YouTube channel. Greetings everypony!


Happy Valentine's Day! / Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!!

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Happy Valentine's Day! / Happy Hearts and Hooves Day! I hope you are having a great time in this beautiful day so loving for your boyfriends and your friends and your loved ones! And you're supposed to have already given your gifts to your friends or your boyfriends, okay? But hey, Have a good day of love and friendship! Greetings and happy Wednesday! Brohoof!


All-new episode of MLP: Equestria Girls Digital Series! of "CYOA" - Text Support

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! We have a second episode of this stage of "Choose Your Own Ending" by Equestria Girls: Digital Series "Text Support" uploaded by Hasbro's YouTube channel this morning. As you know, this is a fun episode, but Twilight keeps having her hands on her cell phone all the time by sending her text messages to her boyfriend of all "Timber Spruce" xD!. But how can you send text messages without putting letters if not? Use emojis anyway and super easy to write xD! That's why Twilight is very addicted to cell phones and technology in the human EG world. But well, enjoy this episode if you are very addicted on your cell phones without letting go of their hands! Greetings and happy Friday! Goodnight everyone! Brohoof!

P.S.: Should Hasbro sponsor you for the company "AT&T" or "Verizon" or........ "T-Mobile" xD!


ONE MONTH AND WE'RE GOING FOR A SEASON MORE! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 8 Will Premiere March 24!

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! The most anticipated moment during the hiatus has arrived for the most important Brony Fandom in history! Discovery Family released their highlights for March, and among these was a nice tidbit of information: Season 8 will premiere on March 24, 2018! Only a month and a half of hiatus left!

Find the full press release here!:

THE SCHOOL OF FRIENDSHIP IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! SEASON EIGHT OF MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC PREMIERES SATURDAY, MARCH 24 ON DISCOVERY FAMILY – Season Eight of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ” Picks Up Following the Events of “My Little Pony: The Movie” with New Characters and Songs Throughout 26 Magical Episodes Beginning Saturday, March 24 at 11:30a/10:30c –
( Mia mi, FL ) – Calling everypony (and creature) in Equestria Twilight Sparkle’s School of Friendship is in session! On Saturday, March 24 at 11:30a/10:30c , Discovery Family premieres the eighth season of MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC with 26 half hour episodes complete with seven original songs, new characters and tons of friendship! New episodes of the Hasbro Studios’ produced animated series will also stream live and on demand on Discovery Family GO, the network’s TV Everywhere app.
Following the events of “My Little Pony: The Movie,” in the back - to - back season premiere episodes titled “School Daze Part 1” and “School Daze Part 2,” the Mane 6 discovers that the Friendship Map has expanded to show the world outside Equestria. Through two exciting original songs, Twilight Sparkle learns that friendship needs to spread beyond the limits of the kingdom and decides to open her very own School of Friendship. But things come to a head when the new non - pony students ditch c lass on Friends and Family day, putting the entire school in jeopardy!
This season, viewers will witness major milestones featuring the introduction of Starlight Glimmer’s parents and Princess Celestia's big acting debut . Additionally, the Mane 6’s Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are accompanied by six new creatures including Ocellus the Changeling , Silverstream the Hippogriff/Seapony , Smolder the Dragon, Gallus the Griffin , Yona the Yak and Sand bar the Pony , joining them on epic adventures throughout new and familiar lands such as Mount Aris, Everfree Forest , Las Pegasus and more . Fan - favorite characters Maud Pie , Spike, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Queen Chrysalis and Discord return with exciting storylines and a whole lot of magic!

Now we are more than a month to be very excited for this new season of My Little Pony that will bring novelties and many surprises. Ok? That's why it would be released by mid-March. Do not despair! It's okay? First of the special "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship" We are only in a week! Okay? Well, Greetings and good Thursday! Brohoof!

BREAKING NEWS! Several MLP: FiM Season 8 Screenshots Released

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! We have important news for all the fans of the My Little Pony series from all the Brony Fandom. It's coming! Earlier today the press release for the Season 8 release date was released, accompanied by several screenshots of season 8.

Find said screenshots!

So you already know that these are SPOILER ALERTS! But do not be scared please! Okay? That's why this new season is coming. But hey, Greetings to all!


All-new Lyrics Video of My Little Pony: The Movie - I'm the Friend You Need by Capper

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Like the ones I was talking about from my previous blog, The wait is over!. My second Lyric Video from My Little Pony: The Movie with the song of "I'm the Friend You Need" by Capper is here. I think they are already very excited to make my own lyrics that I always do, while I was doing more homeworks and projects that leave me in my university. But for the next lyric video that I'll be planning very soon, there we go very little to get more lyrics from My Little Pony: The Movie to upload them to my YouTube channel Ok? Have patience, friends! Well, without further ado Enjoy my new lyric video! Greetings and happy Wednesday afternoon! Brohoof!


THE PROMOS... THEY ARE NONSTOP!!. New Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship Promo #6 EXTENDED!

Good Morning Bronies and Pegasisters! Every time we are a little over the premiere, that's why in a week. Another Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship promo has arrived, the 6th in a long line of teasers for this one. It has a few new scenes, along with lots of old ones. We are about to arrive at this wonderful premiere of the new Equestria Girls special, and confirmed that Sunset Shimmer will return to Equestria with Princess Twilight Sparkle and the re-encounter of Princess Celestia. As we saw in the third special of "Equestria Girls: Mirror Magic (2017)". This will become very good friends and they can deserve it! Will it succeed Sunset Shimmer in recovering the memories of her friends the "Humane 7"? Will they defeat the villain "Wallflower"? Discover it in the new special "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship"! Greetings and happy Tuesday! Good Morning!

Oh! Here a promo video on my YouTube channel! I forgot how to Sunset Shimmer! xD!


All-new episode of MLP: Equestria Girls Digital Series - Fluttershy's Butterflies - And starting with "Choose Your Own Adventure" (CYOA)!

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! How are you? As I'm going to tell you, the new episode of the Equestria Girls Digital Series is here but with the next stage of "Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA)" Since it started yesterday on Friday through Hasbro's YouTube channel, we start in February. Like last year that the new episodes of Equestria Girls of "CYOA" have been released by Discovey Family Go! App in mid-December, it is already official by Hasbro on YouTube for them to enjoy it. And by the way, also on my YouTube channel.

As you can see, nothing more than you can only choose one of these characters of the Equestria Girls when they put a different ending. One of these three that I have uploaded will be in "Not listed" as it is with Hasbro, so they do not come together in my YouTube channel when more episodes come, and the characters that will choose if they will be in public will come together and will be turned when I go up more videos on my channel Only on "Not listed"! Okay? Well, without more to say, enjoy it friends! Happy Saturday everypony and tomorrow the Super Bowl! Oh! And I'm going to the New England Patriots!

And also available in Latin Spanish

Yet Another "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship" Promo

Hey Bronies and Pegasisters! We have another "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship" Promo. As you can see, Sunset Shimmer will return to Equestria to see the Princess Twilight Sparkle to solve this problem of forgetting her friends' Sunset (SPOILER ALERT!). As it is already confirmed of the new villain that will be in this special "Wallflower" would be present so that they can see it. There are only 2 weeks left before this beautiful special will come true! (But anyway, Twilight Sparkle will be CANON!!). Here is the video of the fifth Forgotten Friendship Promo on my YouTube channel. Greetings and happy Saturday to all!


[DIVERSIÓN] ¿Si los jóvenes y los Bronies fueran adultos y de la tercera edad?

¡Hola buenas noches Bronies y Pegasisters! Como podemos hacer esto es lo siguiente:
¿Si nosotros, mis queridos amigos y de los Bronies de México fueran adultos y de la Tercera edad? ¡Echemos un vistazo de estas gloriosas imágenes! ¡Sientan de carcajadas!

El Brony Mendivil



Alán Sanchez "PonyDubberx"



Sin nombre

Bueno, como saben que esto se imaginan sobre el futuro ¡No por el adelantado!. Pero todo vale con nada xD!!! Bueno, buenas noches y que descansen. ¡Saludos y Brohoof!.

Hasbro Reveals "My Little Pony: Equestria Girls" Friendship Power Dolls

Hey Bronies and Pegasisters! Like I was getting noticed when I went on Twitter and saw this! We just received an official heads-up including an image of the upcoming Equestria Girls Dolls. This assortment will be called Friendship Power and included in this set are Rainbow Dash, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. When you press their chest they will light up and make sound. These will probably be shown alongside other new dolls during the Toy Fair this year. I'm very excited to see what we can expect this year!

Here you find it in this description!:

MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS FRIENDSHIP POWER Assortment(Ages 5 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall 2018)The EQUESTRIA GIRLS “pony up” when they tap into their individual strengths and join together to harness friendship’s power! This assortment includes SUNSET SHIMMER, RAINBOW DASH and TWLIGHT SPARKLE figures. Press the button on their torso for lights and sounds! Each 11-inch tall doll has 5 points of articulation, styled hair and colorful Cutie Mark-inspired fashions. See how magical the power of friendship can be! Each sold separately. LR44 batteries included. Available at most major retailers and on HasbroToyShop.com.

Totally sure we were not talking about him coming for the next Equestria Girls movie this year. NO! As it was the four films of Equestria Girls nothing more and no longer going to get one this year by default! We are only of Equestria Girls: Digital Series through its Hasbro's YouTube channel, and is coming to the new one-hour special of "Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship" by Discovery Family. We are already in February at last and two more Weeks! Stay tuned! Well, that was it, Greetings and happy Thursday! Oh!, and I almost forgot...... Happy Rainbow Dash Day!!!

¡EN EXCLUSIVA! La animación de la "Entrevista a Twilight Sparkle" por PonyDubberx

¡Hola a todos Bronies y Pegasisters! Como se dan cuenta, mi querido amigo PonyDubberx ya acaba de subir de lo que estaban esperando por muchísimo tiempo, la "Entrevista a Twilight Sparkle" a través de su canal de YouTube, por lo que ya hicieron sus preguntas a través de su página de Facebook desde hace un año. Todo por su buena animación gracias a su hermano Usiel Shapes por su colaboración y mi mejor amiga fandubber Nely Santos por hacer la voz de Twilight Sparkle para esta animación tan esperada de todas. ¡Puede que logre hasta 1 millón de vistas en este vídeo! Puede ser o no xD! Nos pondremos a mantener informados para la página de equestriadaily.com para darnos el apoyo. Sin más preámbulos ¡Disfrútenlo con este vídeo! ¡Saludos a todos!


Se estrenan los últimos y nuevos episodios de la Temporada 7 de My Little Pony en Español Latino - Discovery Kids (Señal de México)

¡Tenemos buenas noticias para todos ustedes que son de México! Se viene el estreno oficial de los nuevos y últimos episodios de la Séptima temporada de My Little Pony a través del canal de Discovery Kids en nuestra señal de México de 21 hasta la 26, y se estrena este 14 de febrero ¡Esto se pondrá 20% más genial! ¡Ya casi podemos completar nuestra colección de la temporada 7 y muy pronto a la octava temporada!

Esto según el tweet de MLP Latino en Twitter

Y esto es la fecha oficial del estreno:

¡Nuevos episodios!
Miércoles 14 de Febrero
2:30 PM (MÉX)
Discovery Kids (Señal MX)

Estaremos pendientes para este estreno oficial y subiré los clips durante el estreno de los últimos y nuevos episodios a través de mi canal de YouTube ¿Ok? ¡Se va a poner muy bueno! ¡Saludos y buenos días! ¡Brohoof! ;).