Confirmed but frightening! A new villain comes again one-hour special from Equestria Girls "Forgotten Friendship" called Wallflower

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Already after my best day of my birthday that I was already spending with all my family living in my house, the interesting thing is coming. The new villain of the new 1-hour special from Equestria Girls "Forgotten Friendship" called Wallflower! What I call a little attention when I finished the tasks for tomorrow that left me in college, we are not mentioning that a villain will come that we all know in the 4 films of Equestria Girls (Demon Shimmer, The Dazzlings, Midnight Sparkle and Gaia Everfree). It is not the Queen Chrysalis or Trixie or among others, it is a new villain called
"Wallflower". This belongs to the Clover the Intelligent. If I am explaining myself? Well, that is why in the second image that I am showing you, it is about this artifact that comes in your hands, it is nothing more and nothing less than "The Memory Stone". On the contrary, it is not that the Mane 6 have been erased by the memories of Sunset Shimmer for a spell they have cast by the new villain. True or not? I am making them these rumors so that they can mention it little by little when the premiere comes in mid-February. If this is true or false of this image of the drawing that comes here. 

Art Design by: Fantasygerard2000 (DeviantArt)

This design of Wallflower's Memory Stone is not official, okay? Go thinking the best when it's going to be the premiere. Well, without further ado, I wish you good night. Regards!


All-new episode of MLP: Equestria Girls Digital Series! - A Little Birdie Told Me

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Well ... I have no words to say friends, but ... the new episode of the Equestria Girls Digital Series is here but with Fluttershy and her little birds. Enjoy it a lot! 

P. S.: Already tomorrow I have to enter the university to the second semester of Graphic Design to focus on my studies and leave my YouTube channel and my blog service for a long time. But good. Greetings to all and happy Sunday!

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NEW PROMO! MLP: Equestria Girls Specials - Forgotten Friendship Appears on Facebook!

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Do not be scared yet guys! The Equestria Girls Special, Forgotten Friendship, that we learned would air in February now has a promo available over on the Discovery Family Facebook page!

If you've been pining for some Equestria Girls, watch this promo on my YouTube channel!

I tell them a few times that they do not get scared and I do not repeat them again, okay? It's only a duration of more than 22 seconds! What's wrong with there being a new full 1 minute promo? Happy Saturday everyone!


BREAKING NEWS! NEW 1 Hour Equestria Girls Special - "Forgotten Friendship" Airs in February!

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Big news has arrived for the world of Equestria Girls! A new 1 hour special was just revealed via Discovery Family's February highlights. I guess this is our movie for the year?

Head on down below for the break for the details! 

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship
World Premiere Saturday, February 17 at 12/11c
Discovery Family Channel (US)

In this brand new one-hour special Sunset Shimmer is shockedwhen shediscoversshe’s been erased fromher friends’memories, leading her tosearch for the magic and the perpetrator who did such a dreadful deed.

Coming soon!
Discovery Kids Channel (Latin America)

I do not want them to be scared or scared! Quiet! Calm down and we'll wait for a long time, okay? No need to worry friends! Everything will be fine I assure you! Well, Greetings to all!


All new episode or song-episode of MLP: Equestria Girls Series! “My Little Shop of Horrors”together with the beginning of the year 2018

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! We have a new episode or song of the Equestria Girls Digital Series "My Little Shop of Horrors" with the second of this beautiful song that Twilight Sparkle sang that everyone liked a lot. But hey, I have no more words to say, Enjoy it and happy Friday!
P.S.: R.I.P. My Best Grandma! :’(.

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All-new episode of MLP: Equestria Girls Series! - Star Crossed - Now on YouTube!

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! As we had told you in last year's previous blog, the new episode of the Equestria Girls series "Star Crossed" that I and my Youtuber friend Letupita725HD★ uploaded on YouTube due to the blockade of copyright rights thanks to Hasbro that have given badly these days and the rest of the year 2017. But hey, now and officially is here on YouTube so you can enjoy it again (I did a re-upload). Greetings Bronies and Pegasisters and good Thursday!

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All-new episode of MLP: Equestria Girls Series - Star Crossed - Available on my Dailymotion!

Well, due to so many attempts to upload this mini episode of the Equestria Girls Digital Series on my YouTube channel for copyright blocking hits (I made four times), this time it's totally available through my Dailymotion channel so you can see it while I solve this problem with the other YouTube users who also try to upload that episode due to copyright blocks. Enjoy it!

Dailymotion Video Link:

My rights are my rights! This is not going to stay like this! (Hasbro says it with justice). Season 8 Stuff Getting Nuked on YouTube, Including Stuff Before the Leak.

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! After a... surprisingly long gap of time, the 1237 Comments over on YouTube have started getting nuked by Hasbro. Unfortunately this includes a few things that happened before the leak, including jokey speculation videos, fan made intros, and a few analysis videos.

Oddly enough, the channels that uploaded full episodes aren't being hit with actual strikes. The videos are simply being taken down. We have a theory on this one. It could be that Hasbro values these channels to advertise the show where Discovery Family fails. They do tend to get around 500k views in a day or two when episodes drop, and sometimes even upwards of a million.

That being said, it's still surprising to see very little in actual long-term consequences for posting full leaked episodes (Copyright Strikes). Either Hasbro is super chill about this stuff, or their legal team is slowly building a case behind the scenes for a big nuke for damages later on. I have a feeling this saga is far from over.


NEW PROMO! New Episodes Every Week of MLP: Equestria Girls Better Together Series! on the Hasbro’s YouTube channel

It seems that we will have more new episodes of the new Equestria Girls Digital Series on Hasbro's YouTube channel. As you can see this promo seems to be coming this new short-episode that both expected from the Brony fandom is about the girls in bikini! but they look great as we saw the Equestria Girls Minis dolls if they bought it and they will be satisfied. Good, we will have to wait with more encouragement of these mini-episodes because every week they will be uploading on the Hasbro’s YouTube channel. What we have to see! Greetings to all!

Oh! Here is the promo video!

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And there are several but they are not listed

All-new episode Song of MLP: Equestria Girls Better Together Series! “The Finals Countdown” Available now!

Hi Bronies and Pegasisters! Like what we were waiting for in this new episode of the Equestria Girls Digital Series, now with the first song of this new series with the title of the episode or episode-song "The Finals Countdown" uploaded today in the morning by the official Hasbro’s YouTube channel and here we have it for you to listen and enjoy! Happy Friday and greetings to all!

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